Out of our past: Statesville Record & Landmark

Out of our past: Statesville Record & Landmark

Record & Landmark, Jan. 28-Feb. 3, 1969.

“Dr. S. Wallace Hoffmann, a slight man with a big heart, was the recipient of the fourth annual Louis Gordon Humanitarian Award. Dr. Hoffmann had an outstanding career during World War I as a medic, then as an osteopath here where he still practices his profession.” (2/3)



Landmark, March 1, 1894.

“Mr. I.M. Overcash informs The Landmark that the statement that Messrs. Isaac Wallace and Louis Elias, who began business here in 1859, were the first Hebrew merchants in Statesville is an error. Mr. Overcash says Kupman & Phelps, Hebrews, did business here in 1857.”


Apr 16, 2018  https://www.statesville.com/news/out-of-our-past-april/article_97833076-3f15-11e8-b41c-67da620a4e1c.html


Landmark, Sept. 11, 1890

“Advertisement: “Holiday Notice. Our annual holidays occur this year on Monday, September 15th, and Wednesday, September 24th. On those days our places of business will be closed. Wallace Bros. Lowenstein & Co. A. Moses & Co. J. Stephany. N. Harrison. Meyer & Co. H. Clarke & Sons. L. Pinkus, Agent.” [Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur]

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