On Tuesday, May 14th, Congregation Emanuel had the privilege of hosting Dr. Zev Harel.  Dr. Harel, a concentration camp survivor. stressed the importance of Holocaust Education as a tool to end antisemitism.

At a very spry 89 years of age, Dr. Harel arrived with his wife, Bernice, and spoke to those in attendance.

Dr. Harel grew up in Transylvania and was sent, with his family, to Auschwitz.  He stated that his age was 17, instead of real age (14).  His “age” put him on work detail, instead in the gas chamber.

One lesson Dr. Harel wished to leave is: antisemitism may have decreased. However, it has never been eradicated.

Dr. Harel requested that instead of payment,  donations go to The North Carolina Holocaust Foundation. * (see donation details below photos)

A special thank you to Diane Emery, Hanna Adler, and Jacob Schlesinger for organizing this program.

Story and Photos Contributed by Beverly Maurice



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